Liverpool and Everton makes moves for Andrew Robertson

Liverpool and Everton look set to battle in the New Year for Andrew Robertson, reports suggest down south.

Everton look favourites to make the first move, but sources on Merseyside suggest that they could face competition from arch rivals Liverpool.

With much of the attention being focused on Ryan Gauld recently, it could be argued Robertson is favourite to leave with Gauld signing a new extension, taking his contract to May 2017.

With his only recognised first-team left-back Jose Enrique out until February after knee surgery, Liverpool’s manager is in the market for a new left back, with Robertson seeming to tick all the boxes.¬†Merseyside youngster Joe Flanagan has been filling in at left back and starred with a goal against Spurs on Sunday. But he is seen as more of a right back.

Although Robertson seems keen to stay on Tayside which could be a stumbling block. Himself, Gauld and Souttar have recently moved into a flat together which shows the cohesiveness of the United team at the moment.¬†With the team riding high in the Premiership and looking capable of beating anyone, it would take seven-figure bids before Thompson would consider selling Scotland’s current player of the month.

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